Jessica Butts, Psychotherapist
Exploring the 4 factors of your personality that will accelerate your business to the next level.

Jessica is a Psychotherapist with a Private Practice in Bellevue, WA where she sees couples, individuals and families. She is also a Certified Myers Briggs trainer and Type expert.  She worked in corporate Human Resources for 15 years before going back to graduate school and changing careers. Jessica teaches classes, facilitates corporate team building events and conducts workshops on Myers Briggs Type with couples, individuals and parents who want a greater understanding and appreciate for themselves, for their spouse and for their children.

Jessica is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker as well as an ENFJ.  She is a board member of the Washington State MBTI chapter as well as actively involved in the Women’s Entrepreneurial community in Seattle/Bellevue area.  She lives in the Seattle area with her husband of 19 years and their Boston Terrier, Tucker.

You can see more about Jessica at her website